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All Natural Skin Care Online Guide: Be Ready for Compliments! A Healthy Way to Cure Dark Circles and Wrinkles and Get Glowing Skin at Home Without Spending a Penny

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Add years to your life, not your skin! I am 33.5yrs of age right now (Ah! Had to tell you this ;) )...and the compliments I get are “which grade...


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Add years to your life, not your skin! I am 33.5yrs of age right now (Ah! Had to tell you this ;) )...and the compliments I get are “which grade do you study in”, “Are you married?? I thought you must be in college”. Are YOU ready to get such compliments? :) Yes? Great! How do we do it? Nope! I’m not going to share with you the regular beauty tips for face like sound sleep, proper diet, anti aging foods, sun safety, drinking lots of water, having green leafy veggies...You have not paid for that. :) ...and no Botox, no cosmetic surgery, no piercing, no chemicals, no pills, no injections!! No painful mental trauma of any such thing either. Why to go for these when you can get great skin at home without spending a penny, in a natural and healthy way - with Yoga for body and face, Acupressure and homemade tips? Be ready for the new found confidence, to look and feel younger and more attractive, to receive compliments from males and females both..."You look so young, your skin looks great, what have you been doing, tell me too!!"You will swell with pride and fall in love with yourself! Won't you? Your spouse will fall in love with you again! You will be an inspiration for people who will admire you to have maintained yourself so nicely no matter at what age you are. And when you share these natural ways with your teenage children especially your daughter, they will be able to prevent the dark circles, wrinkles and have glowing skin too...They will know that you understand them and you will become best friends! Your bond will grow stronger! So, why Yoga? Because it helps in digestion, blood circulation and oxygenating not just the facial skin but the whole body. So? When these processes are not running right in our body, then skin problems arise. So, let’s solve the root cause with Yoga. And I have shown pictures of each Yoga posture so that you know exactly how it needs to be done. These Yoga poses are easy and simple! Anyone including YOU can do this! You do not require any experience or knowledge, I’m there with you each step of the way! So, you will surely achieve results! So, no need to even visit a doctor or go to any skin care salon to get facials done. Won’t you rather enjoy that time and money with yourself and your family? ...and No break from work! So your boss will be happy too! ...and still no need to be conscious of your looks or hide your age under loads of makeup. And whatever I share here is good for men and women both! So, you can share it with your spouse! and your bond will get stronger too :) And these are great for all skin types irrespective of age, nationality, skin color, skin texture etc. Plus I will share how I squeeze most of these things in my regular routine, so that I do not need to set aside huge time for it. It just gels in my lifestyle...and it will gel in your lifestyle too! Of course, a little bit of time is required to make it work. Plus I have included: ---Acupressure and facelift exercises to take those years off your face. So, you look much younger than your age or even reverse your age! ---A breathing exercise ---And a master yoga posture to keep the body healthy n flexible always! And grandma’s herbal skin care solutions for: ---17 tips for Glowing skin ---18 tips for Wrinkle ---11 tips for Fair skin ---15 tips for dark circles under eyes All this works! Really! That’s my personal experience! And it will work for you too! Only natural skin treatment in 22 minutes a day - everything as nature intended! How? That’s what I show in this book! So, would you want "Guess my age" to become your favorite question?

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